Recap: Rogers Centre Tour

CAFP Ryerson

On January 27th, CAFP members were given a tour of the Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays, and venue for concerts, monster truck shows and trade fairs! We saw first hand the foodservice operations behind the tasty food and snacks offered at the Rogers Centre. Aramark’s management team graciously hosted us, offering delicious snacks and take-home souvenirs from the 2015 Blue Jays postseason ceremonies!

The tour began with an introduction by Aramark’s general manager, Jeff Curley on Aramark’s presence in the foodservice industry and their history with the Rogers Centre.  We learned the secrets behind their success in hosting the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2015 Pan Am games, and the rise of the Blue Jays season in 2015, all while catering to a global palette. Their executive chef, Elizabeth Rivasplata (a Season 2 Top Chef Canada Contestant!) walked us through their menu planning process and their interesting twists on local…

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