Kahitna Anniversary “Love Festival” [Coming Soon]

A Girl At Crossroads

It’s less than a week to watch Kahitna Anniversary “Love Festival”. One of the biggest event in this month, will be held my Indonesian favorite group, Kahitna. To celebrate their 30 anniversary, a concert with love theme will be held on February 13th 2016 in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).  This concert is promoted by Berlian Entertaiment and major sponsored by Bank BTN.

What’s special in this concert?

It won’t be like ordinary concerts or previous Kahitna’s concert when there were only one stage and few guest stars. It will be more than that! There are four stages : LOVE, DREAM, HOPE and PASSION, where the main stage is LOVE. In each stage, there will be a lot of singers or musicians (mostly famous Indonesian)  who will sing their songs and the concert will be started around 2 P.M. The main stage, LOVE, will be fill up by Kahitna and the show in there will be…

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