Actually, it was not a river after all

Krishna's Pictures and Notes

Back to Bengkulu, a province in Indonesia, which was facing the Indian Ocean and that made the province had a very long coastal line. The beach along the line had many different characteristics, some of them were sandy beaches, while others were rocky; on some places the beaches were sloping, while at other beaches the sea was far below a cliff.

Now let me take you to a beach which located in Pasar Pedati Village, Central Bengkulu; about 15 kilometers from Bengkulu city center. The beach name was Pantai Sungai Suci or Sungai Suci Beach. The name could be translated literally as The Sacred River Beach. Although it was called a “river”, however, travelers could not find any river in there, not even an estuary. What travelers found was a pretty landscape of a red soiled beach, instead.

In there, travelers could see that in some parts of…

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