Actually, it was not a river after all

Krishna's Pictures and Notes

Back to Bengkulu, a province in Indonesia, which was facing the Indian Ocean and that made the province had a very long coastal line. The beach along the line had many different characteristics, some of them were sandy beaches, while others were rocky; on some places the beaches were sloping, while at other beaches the sea was far below a cliff.

Now let me take you to a beach which located in Pasar Pedati Village, Central Bengkulu; about 15 kilometers from Bengkulu city center. The beach name was Pantai Sungai Suci or Sungai Suci Beach. The name could be translated literally as The Sacred River Beach. Although it was called a “river”, however, travelers could not find any river in there, not even an estuary. What travelers found was a pretty landscape of a red soiled beach, instead.

In there, travelers could see that in some parts of…

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Sehat Dengan Berwisata (Being Healthy Just By Traveling)


Menghabiskan hari saat waktu luang apalagi hari liburan tiba dengan melakukan kegiatan wisata alias traveling memang menyenangkan dan apalagi mengunjungi tempat yang baru pertama kali kita kunjungi. Mungkin saja semua  suka melihat tempat baru, menjelajah, dan dapat mengetahui hal baru atau merasa mampu menaklukan alam. Oleh sebab itu selanjutnya banyak orang menjadwalkan secara rutin agenda liburan paling tidak untuk mengisi liburan weekend. Bukan cuma menyenangkan, traveling sebenarnya juga menyehatkan.

Spend the day at leisure time even more when holiday arrives by  traveling  is a fun thing and happiest thing when visiting a new place where never visited before. It’s possible that everyone likes to see new places, explore, and able to discover new things or feel able to conquer nature. Therefore, many people regularly schedule their holiday into an agenda at least to fill their  weekend. Not just fun, traveling is also healthy.

Pantai Batu burung Oebali6

Berwisata merupakan salah satu cara sehat untuk…

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#1955 – Some June Stories from Work

A Little Piece of Zilko's Life


In general, we in the Netherlands were quite lucky with the weather in June where there were quite many days with great summer weather! This was perfect because there were several summer events organized by my office in June which became much more fun with the summer weather 😀 .

A Day Out

My department organized a Day Out on a Friday in mid-June. The event was held in Westergasfabriek, a former gasworksfactory that is now used to host events, which was really, really cool!! 😀 For instance, here is how the main presentation room looked like:


The day was filled with presentations (ranging from the very serious business-related presentations to the more relaxed working-environment-related presentations), which I found interesting and useful.

The presentations were followed with a big pub quiz, where we were randomly assigned to a team (in total there were about 170 teams). Of…

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Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Arnaldo Pellini: Photos and Words

There is this small tailor shop nearby where I live in Jakarta. There are three tailors working in it. It is open in the early morning when I bike to work. It is still open when I bike back form work in the late afternoon. Sometimes, it is still open when I go to the supermarket to buy stuff we need for dinner. I do not know why, but the green colour of the walls, the fabric spread across the whole shop, the fluorescent neon lights, the fact that the shop is right on the street, they all remind me of Nepal.

Tailor Kemang Timur Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Tailor Kemang Timur Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Tailor Kemang Timur Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Tailor Kemang Timur Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Tailor Kemang Timur Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

Tailor Kemang Timur Tailor shop in Kemang Timur

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Jakarta Jottings


When visiting a foreign city, it’s customary to focus on the notable sights and experiences, the ones recommended by guidebooks, tourist brochures and tours. Yet to confine a visit to just those features can create a distorted impression that ignores the realities of life for many of the city’s residents.

Jakarta has extremes of wealth and poverty. Liveried doormen greet luxury cars that disgorge their owners and passengers at marble shopping malls where the world’s luxury brands are displayed in air conditioned comfort while a few kilometres away, scavenging for discarded plastic bottles can provide an income of sorts.


The photo was taken in Angke an old suburb near the sea. A walk in the neighbourhood is a reminder of the city’s Chinese community, with a stroll past Confucian temples, through the Muslim community by the mosque where the labryrinthine lanes are just wide enough to allow two people to walk abreast…

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Bananana! Hari Kantin 2016



bananana hari kantin.jpg

Bananana! Hari Kantin 2016 kembali lagi buat edisi ke-3. Yang menariknya, warga SEMARAK turut diundang bersama-sama dengan pihak TV3 dalam menjayakan program ini bertempat di Esplanade Alamanda Putrajaya pada hari Sabtu 5 Mac 2016. Memang meriah! Di samping memupuk semangat keusahawanan di kalangan murid-murid, terdapat pelbagai aktiviti yang menarik disediakan. Turut memeriahkan Hari Kantin 2016 ialah para pelakon dan penyanyi terkenal seperti Erynne Erynna, Harris Alif, Nonny Nadirah, Niezam Zaidi, Farah Nabila, Afiq Shazwan, Azrel Ismail, Firdaus Ghufran, Syamiem Elnisa , Aidil Aziz, Eleena Harris & Sissy Iman.

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Bermain di Cikini: Silampukau dan Kawan-Kawan

Situs Felix Dass

Semuanya dimulai di satu tengah malam beberapa bulan yang lalu. Waktunya memang telah dijanjikan sebelumnya, tapi orang-orang di seberang itu ngaret. Proses pengambilan gambar yang melibatkan mereka berjalan molor dari waktu seharusnya. Tapi kesabaran jadi sifat kolektif, karena semua pihak percaya bahwa kolaborasi berikutnya memang perlu diwujudkan.

Pihak-pihak di seberang tadi adalah Kharis Juniandaru, Eki Tresnowening dan Anitha Silvia; Silampukau dan manajer mereka tersayang. Saya mengundang mereka untuk datang ke rumah ketimbang harus keluar kembali hanya untuk berbincang. Pengambilan gambarnya untuk Tonight Show NET TV. Itu yang membuat waktu pertemuan kami terasa begitu larut.


Tinta, panggilan akrab Anitha Silvia, tidak ingin menjelaskan maksud kedatangan mereka. Ia bersikukuh bahwa mereka ingin bertemu. Mungkin, memang segala sesuatunya lebih enak untuk diomongkan langsung.

Silampukau, ingin melanjutkan karir mereka, menulis kembali sebuah sejarah baru, mengikuti Dosa, Kota dan Kenangan yang fenomenal itu. Mereka mulai beranjak ke fase berikutnya.

“Kami ingin bikin pertunjukan di Jakarta…

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Sponsor Update: O Comic Con

Project Cosplay

Project-Nerd, LLC and Project Cosplay are pleased to welcome O Comic Con (Omaha) as a Platinum Level Sponsor for the event.

O Comic Con

O Comic Con is a delightful three-day annual event that brings people together to enjoy pop culture fandom through guests and programming from the world of entertainment. There are fun and informative panels to attend, vendors who sell all kinds of fun geek-related merchandise, and cosplay programming that encourages attendees to dress like their favorite character from comics, TV and film, or books. It’s just as much fun for the casual attendee as it is for the hardcore fan. It’s also a family-friendly environment where folks are encouraged to bring their kids along for the fun.

Project Cosplay is drawing a large interest from not only Colorado, but also the Kansas City and Omaha areas where Project-Nerd has a strong presence. O Comic Con is just an 8 hour…

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Astrofest 2016

Messier Quest

My quest to become an amateur astronomer kicked off with a visit to Astrofest 2016. As I work in London this wasn’t too arduous a trip, but I was constrained to only visit the exhibition.

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Venezia during famous annual carnival

Dolce Vita In Italy

Gondolas from Venezia Venezia gondolas

Canal Grande of Venezia with a bird Canal Grande of Venezia with a bird

Canal Grande of Venezia Canal Grande of Venezia

Canal Grande in Venezia during annual famous carnival Canal Grande in Venezia during annual famous carnival.

Ponde di Rialto crossing Canal Grande in Venezia Ponde di Rialto crossing Canal Grande in Venezia.

Canal of Venezia Canal of Venezia

Venezia canal with boats Venezia canal with boats

Healthy lifestyle in Venezia Healthy lifestyle in Venezia

Venezia life Venezia life

Venezia canal Venezia canal

Venezia cakes during the famous carnival The cakes of Venezia

Piazza San Marco in Venezia Warm Piazza San Marco in Venezia during carnival

Venezia near Grand Canal during carnival time Venezia near Grand Canal during carnival time

The Basilica on the campo San Giovanni e Paolo. The Basilica on the campo San Giovanni e Paolo.

Venezia street during famous carnival Venezia street during famous carnival

Venice street during annual famous carnival Venezia street during annual famous carnival

Streets of Veniezia during carnival Streets of Veniezia during carnival

Venezia near Grand Canal during carnival time Venezia near Grand Canal during carnival time

Street of Venezia Street fo Venezia

Sultan of Venezia during the famous annual carnival Sultan of Venezia during the famous annual carnival

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And the winners are…

On The Glo

So exciting! Our #‎Valentines‬ ‪#‎Giveaway‬ came to a close midnight last Thursday and it was a total success! So many of you participated: we had more than 200 entries! ‪


Thankfully the winners are chosen automatically and we don’t have to draw out of a hat! To make more than 200 tickets would have been hard! We have decided to draw one winner per day, to keep the excitement (yours AND ours!) going.

We have contacted winner number 1 and 2 and we hope to hear back soon! And we have one more name, the last, to draw today! As soon as you acknowledge your win, we will disclose to everyone who the three lucky winners are!

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Alexandra Bracken Event Recap!

Aloof Books

A few days ago, or last Friday, I attended an Alexandra Bracken signing at my local Barnes & Noble’s–and it was SO great! That’s why I decided to talk about it a bit on here. I’m so happy I was able to go because I had such a great time and I already know this event is going to make my highlights of the month. 🙂

But first off–let’s introduce Alex! If you don’t know, Alexandra Bracken is the author of The Darkest Minds trilogy, Passenger (the first book in a duology), and Star Wars: A New Hope.


Even though I haven’t finished The Darkest Minds trilogy, since I read the first book a year and a half ago, I really enjoyed it and I was really looking forward to this event. I also was REALLY excited for Passenger because everyone loves it–and I’m currently reading it now and…

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National Libraries Day 2016 – completing the set

Julia's Blog

Extremely busy weekend: looking at all the wonderful and diverse things going on in libraries across the country, gathering examples of where colleagues and members of the Libraries Taskforce are visiting, and doing my own library tour!

You’d think after spending all week immersed in library news I might like to take a break at the weekend (you know, watch some rugby, go out for a lazy lunch? – its OK, managed to fit that in too!) but National Libraries day is an opportunity too good to miss. I checked the website  and discovered no particular events planned for my home area, but Kent Libraries were offering activities, so we started the day by heading over to Snodland library.


Snodland library Snodland library

Their library is in the High Street, and besides library services there is also a space for the local borough council to offer surgeries. There was a book sale so…

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