CreW Creative Weekend

CreW  for  Creative Weekend.

What : Creative Weekend is an event that integrates sports, education, entertainment etc.

Why : To build people awareness of sports & education that’s why we plan the event.

Who : Target visitor is every people who lives in East Jakarta & West Bekasi.

Where : The location plan will be in Jakarta East EduTrain.

When : The date and time will be determined soon.

How : We will do it by organizing the committee with program concept & sponsorship.

Spot Venue: lapangan, aula, jalanan, parkiran, dan lain-lain.

Activity: senam aerobik, yoga, talkshow, bazaar murah, dan lain-lain.

Hadiah: doorprize & sponsor.

Marketing: sebar poster online & offline.

Talkshow: Healthy Body & Healthy Perspective / Sehat Jasmani & Perspektif